Two Degrees from Kevin Bacon

I actually used to post that I was two degrees from Kevin Bacon on my résumé. During my senior year of college, I was a featured extra in a movie. The movie was Road Trip. I thought stating this on paper would be a good ice breaker for interviews. It was.

It wasn’t a good movie, but it was a great experience. With my professors’ collective permission I missed a few classes, and I learned the value of “hurrying to wait.”


Magic is Science

Magic is Science

Magic is Science was an art collective that I began with two other artists (2010-2012). The purpose was to bring a pop-culture aware show to the Atlanta art scene. Gone were the pedantic shows of wine and cheese (we had beer and cookies). The number of artists involved grew, and so did the number of shows.


The last show was themed around the movie The NeverEnding Story. Garnering great reviews from local publications, our last show was even featured on SuperPunch. Prints can be found at Society6.


Form Vs. Function

Form Vs. Function

The following selection was performed at Write Club Atlanta in 2011.


This one line should suffice. I’m sure you’ve all heard the legend of the one-word, college-philosophy exam. The one word, WHY? One confident student writes down a two-word reply, turns the paper in and walks out. The two words, WHY NOT?

I only wish that I were that bold.

FORM ALWAYS FOLLOWS FUNCTION. Here’s my paper, Thank you and GOOD NIGHT.

Like any paper I need to give attribution to the work that isn’t mine. The aesthetic wisdom that I have given you belongs to Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan. And even Wright’s most well known work, Fallingwater, serves a FUNCTION. It’s a home, a shelter; place to keep us dry from the rain, warm in the winter and until 3 years ago, a good investment. It’s a perfect example of FORM following FUNCTION.


Vader in a Bow Tie

Black tie, white gloves, patent leather shoes, red velvet-lined cape, obsidian helmet with built in life-support. Wait, what? That’s right fanboys and girls, Vader knows how to kick it up a notch. He’s quite dapper when he wants to be.

In first grade, my friend Brennan’s dad performed a gig as Darth Vader for my elementary school’s Halloween function. How ahead of the game was he? Christmas, you get Santa. Halloween … Vader.

“He’s more machine now than man. Twisted and evil … except when he steps out for social functions. Then he’s quite the gentleman, but still a machine nonetheless … a style machine”
― Obi-Wan Kenobi