Sam is an amazing designer… Often, Sam has to take big picture concepts from my brain and translate them into a visual form that will connect with my customers and create an urge to buy. One, in particular, our “This Shirt Saved a Life” tee, has resulted in higher sales than any other t-shirt in our line and has raised enough money to feed 450 refugee kids for a year! This work and subsequent deliverables of equal impression give me full confidence in Sam as a designer, an artist and a truth-teller.

BreeAnne Clowdus
, CEO, Tiny Revolutionary

Sam is a true servant leader… Sam has the tact to advise client, subordinate or superior beyond merely what is expected of him. If a client is not certain of what they want Sam leads them to it.

Jeff Smack, Graphic Designer, Digital Team Lead at Barber Martin Agency

It’s very hard to find people in the ad business with absolutely no ego. Sam is definitely on that list. Not only is he a talented graphic designer, he also has a keen ability to turn the mundane into design magic. Sam doesn’t just come to the table with pretty pictures, but solid solutions.

Tondra Vest, Copywriter/Strategist/Problem Solver

… I’m willing to bet that some of Sam’s work is STILL being used because it was just that good! He’s uber-talented and dedicated. And one of the nicest fellas you’d ever meet!

Jez de Wolff, Sr Marketing Manager at Turner Broadcasting

My logo and website are constantly complimented by clients… Sam completely captured what I do in a nutshell, but also layered in extra details for those who need to know more.

Ron Anglin, Quite A Catch Juggling